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Marplast Sp. z o.o. was founded as a successor of PPH Marplast, originally established in 1998. Marplast Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of resin soaked glass fibre laminates. Our flagship product is section pipe lining for trenchless repair of unusually shaped gravitational man-accessible sewers. The company also offers customized profiles: round, open sections (manhole base parts). We have impressive experience in manufacturing tanks, roof structures, spigots and other made-to-measure special-purpose elements. Most of our products are dedicated for the broadly defined sewage management industry. Our production process is based on lamination of polyester resin soaked glass fibre products. If necessary, polyester resin can be replaced with vinyl ester resin ensuring greater resistance to chemicals (acids, alkalis and salts).


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Our team is well qualified in manufacturing laminate-based structures. Our team members are often delegated to work with renowned GRP manufacturers and service providers in Poland and abroad, to temporarily improve their production capacity. In this way, they gain new skills and simultaneously further improve their own productivity and quality of work.
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Our managers, engineers and workers alike have vast experience in glass reinforced plastics gained at PPH Marplast and at a leading manufacturer of GRP products. We are proud not only of our excellent staff and experience, but also of innovative solutions introduced in our company.



We use top-quality GRP panels and other GRP products. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we provide comprehensive services in engineering, production and lamination of GRP materials.




Our core business includes manufacturing of GRPanels. What makes the GRPanel different is a ribbed wall made of pure laminate (no fillers required). This solution ensures adequate stiffness and high strength combined with low weight, which is particularly important in repair projects, where most operations are carried out manually. Improved abrasion resistance is ensured by a chemical resistant and anti-abrasive layer made of resin containing powdered silicon carbide. The panels are manufactured on special moulds by wrapping and/or spraying of mats or cut fibre and bi-directional woven roving soaked with polyester or vinyl ester resin.
GRPanels are used for trenchless sewer repair. They are made of polyester or vinyl ester resins reinforced with glass fibre.

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They come in a variety of shapes: round, egg, bell, parabolic, etc., depending on the shape of the existing sewer and the client’s specifications. All panels are available in three lengths (1, 2 and 3m).

Panel properties:
• high abrasion resistance proven by the Darmstadt test
• flexural E-modulus – 9500-14000 MPa
• circumferential flexural strength – 180-250 MPa
• circumferential tensile strength – 150-200 MPa
• axial tensile strength – 150-190 MPa
• low weight for quick and easy installation, particularly in sewer repair projects;
• internal chemical resistance and anti-abrasion layer (resin type depends on the medium);
• smooth inner surface ensuring excellent hydraulic performance;
• ribbed “pure” laminate wall (no sand added),
• very good resistance to any mechanical damage, impacts, etc.

GRPanels are dedicated for sewer repair. They have been successfully used in many locations and appreciated by contractors and investors alike.


We also specialize in manufacturing systems for air-tightening of municipal services and industrial facilities, preventing emissions of volatile odors. They include first of all various types of roof sheeting made of glass reinforced plastic:
• Plain sheeting – used for smaller tanks, made of sandwich panels with polyurethane foam filler, ensuring both thermal insulation and noise absorption.
• Rectangular dished sheeting – made from glass and polyester laminate ensuring characteristics required for self-supporting structures and by the intended operational environment. It can be used with any tanks, irrespectively of their content. The sheeting has the form of regular rectangular trough-shaped sections.

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• Convergent dished sheeting – used for round tanks with a centrally located roof support. The sheeting has the form of regular convergent sections and is made of glass and polyester laminate.
• Domed sheeting – constitutes a self-supporting dome, resting only on a rim ring and the external tank rim. This type of sheeting is dedicated for air-tightening of round tanks.

Our roof sheeting products use polyester and glass laminate ensuring clear advantage over concrete or steel structures. One particular feature of such laminates is their anizotropic properties, which means that their strength and stiffness depends on the formation and alignment of structural fibres. The key advantage of GRP sheeting is resistance to low and high temperatures and to UV radiation. Laminate structures are usually much lighter and stronger than most structures made of homogenous materials (approx. four times lighter than steel structures). Low weight also means relatively lower capital expenditure. Operational expenditure is also lower because laminate sheeting does not require any maintenance.
Our products are available in any RAL color. If the stored media must be protected against temperature, sheeting is additionally insulated with polyurethane foam of adequate thickness ensuring thermal insulation. Complete sheeting solutions include all service accessories, such as inspection manholes, ventilation spigots and other spigots. Our EPDM seals and A2/A4 steel connectors are acid-resistant.


Our product portfolio also includes lining-based sewer manhole repair systems. Marplast manufactures thin-wall GRP systems that can be installed without disassembling the cover – in this solution, at the second stage of the repair the annulus must be filled with injection mortar with increased compressive strength (at least 15 MPa). In addition, we manufacture systems with walls similar to those of the GRPanel – these systems do not require high-strength injection mortars.  
Other products: custom-shaped tanks, fittings made with custom-shaped moulds, manholes and spigots for pipes and tanks.



Marplast at WOD-KAN 2016 Fair in Bydgoszcz

WOD-KAN International Fair of Machines and Facilities for Water Supply and Sewage Systems has been organized in Bydgoszcz, Poland, for over 20 years. This year, Marplast was one of the exhibitors at this flagship event organized by “Wodociągi Polskie” Chamber of Commerce, held on May 10-12, 2016.

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A handful of pictures taken at our projects.


GRPanel - 3D animation


GRPanel - production process


GRPanel - completed projects


Roof sheeting systems


Roof sheeting systems – completed projects


Other products


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